Good Day! Welcome to Nola's Soapery!

The art of soap making fashions itself as a form of cooking to me. Similar to your favorite childhood meal, these hand crafted bars will not only elevate your senses but also connect you back to days that emanated innocence, self love and endless wonder.

During the years where life lent its unpredictable hand as I moved from one foster home to another, it was the kitchen that kindled a sense of normalcy.

The spices which layered the cabinets of these new homes to even those in hidden nooks and crannies helped me cultivate my own sense of belonging.

You could say as the child who always felt like an outsider peering in my school system and young adult surroundings, the kitchen grounded me in God’s purpose.

I have made it my duty to use the CP methods when making my soaps. As well as use the highest and purest quality ingredients, essential oils, for the most sensitive skin.

Through heartfelt service and sharing my gift of cooking with others, I truly began to harmonize the rifts in my internal and external worlds.

The home which I yearned for growing up began to unfold from within me. It felt as if I had been transported to the blissful days of childhood where my loved ones and I enjoyed day long cookouts, weekly birthday parties, and would cherish in a spirit of unfiltered and endless joy.

Years later, you can say this talent for cooking and fostering joy in the lives of others has continued to evolve from a place of altruism. I’ve touched the hands of those formerly incarcerated, those in need of a work life reset as well as everyday people like you and I seeking a healthy departure from a lifestyle of toxicity and corporate greed.

Think of these natural products as my gift to you in your journey to healing.

My soulful ecosystem of soaps, bath salts, essential oils and candles at Nola’s Soapery will ease your life’s pain away and help you find renewal whenever you need it the most.

Are you ready to step into your oasis?

Your friend and support system, Wanda Green Founder of Nola’s Soapery