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At Nola's Soapery we specialize in all natural milk body products including soaps, &  lotions .  In order for our team to create a wonderful array of handcrafted milk soaps and lotions, we utilize the freshest milks possible from local farms and dairies. 

Our natural products have been used by people with conditions of the skin like such as psoriasis, just to be specific. It has helped to manage the drying of skin. It helps to combat with the combination of oily skin and blemishes. We pride ourselves on the best quality and freshest milk to be used in our high grade essential oils and fragrances to pair with our products made with the most luxurious blends. 

This is for one 5-6 oz bar of luxury soap.

Please complete a small test on your skin before usage. 

Be mindful of allergies for dairy blends and combinations. 

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