Healthy Skin is Key to Great Skin

Skin care Nature is changing form. It's getting hot. The message of the arrival of heat will inform the lifelessness of the skin according to the laws of nature. Find out how to handle such hot and cold weather with proper care without denying it. Hard sun during the day. The falling afternoon gives cold weather. Experts suggest taking care of yourself every day in the spring.

If the body, skin, hair is good, the level of bad mood will also be light. Let's start with the skin. It is important to know what to do and what not to do every day. Homemade packs with it will keep the skin looking good. The details of skin care are highlighted in this report. First of all, let's talk about staying clean. Dust, sweat and oil accumulate and close the pores of the skin. As a result, the skin cannot regenerate or form new cells.

As a result, the skin does not retain its normal appearance. So it is necessary to keep the skin clean every day. Cleanse your face twice a day with cleansing milk or gel. After cleaning, wipe the face well with cotton toner. The toner will help maintain the tightness of the skin. After cleansing the face, you must apply a good cream or moisturizer lotion. Tell me! Exactly what causes wrinkles and darkening of the skin?

In a word, the answer will be given by the experts. And that is to stay in the sun for a long time. Due to the variation of the seasons, the heat of the sun is not high now, but the damage is supposed to be due to the heat of the sun, but it is happening! Although we do not get a sense of it. The sun's harmful ultraviolet rays cause the skin to age.

Skin tension is also gradually lost. Then darkening (pigmentation) appears on the skin. So before going out (at least 20 minutes) apply high SPF sunscreen on the face and neck. However, understand your skin type and choose sunscreen. Cream base sunscreen works well on dry skin and gel base sunscreen on oily skin. Skin care at night is a regimen not just a routine. So consistency is key in seeing the results that you want and desire. Your skin requires Vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

Clean your face every night before going to bed. Apply nourishing cream on the face and neck and gently massage for a while. Finally, wipe off the excess cream with damp cotton. Nourishing cream will provide nutrition from inside the skin. As a result, the radiance of the skin will increase manifold. Skin scrubbing is essential to get soft, supple skin. But the question may arise, do you do scrubbing every day?

Do you scrub/exfoliate your skin?  Scrubbing the skin thoroughly will help remove dead skin cells and  rejuvenate new cells. You can use a good company scrubber or a homemade scrubber (mixed with rice, yogurt and a little honey). The skin will become soft, supple. Use a face mask rich in natural ingredients once a week. Natural face masks on the one hand increase the blood circulation of the skin and on the other hand, herbal ingredients are beneficial to the skin.

Did you know? Magnesium, potassium, iodine and iron in bananas are beneficial for the skin. The skin will be bright and smooth. Then facial is done by using the face mask. As a result of facial massage, dead cells accumulated on the skin will be removed and blood circulation in the skin will be better and the skin will be taut. Increases skin radiance. Good to remember:  You can’t just go to sleep without washing your face. 

Removing the makeup! Is it really removed?  Take a cloth or tissue for added measure and see how much makeup is still on your face.  Please use a very good quality moisturizer and before buying one, make sure that the moisturizer has a high water solution. The lighter the moisturizer the better. * Mix one to two drops of lavender or tea tree oil with moisturizer and use it, the skin will be quite good. * After eating any kind of fruit, if you wash your face a little, it maintains the moisture balance of the skin and it is also good for the skin.

Photo Credit : Jernej Graj